Behind The Times…

That’s kind of the definition of motherhood though, right?! Always just a day late and a dollar short? Or maybe that’s just my household, go ahead and judge, we don’t care! We won’t notice until easter anyways! πŸ˜‰

Our holidays were a blur (as usual)…and I’m just now getting around to the pictures from the last 5 months.

We did the Halloween thing – about 3 different times!

And for future reference, NEVER try to take Elliott’s pumpkin from him! He doesn’t know or care what’s in it, but he will go full blown ape sh!t if you touch it! 

We also had a couple rounds of Thanksgiving while sharing some big news with the family!!

After somehow managing not to gain 48 pounds at my grandmother’s house we dove into Christmas! This year we only did it about 5 times in 3 different states!

And then, of course, we were beyond ready for one of our favorite times in this house…college football playoffs! The semi finals went to Clemson (in a BEAUTIFUL show out against Ohio State) and Alabama (against an overrated Washington)!

Now we’re just waiting on January 9th (and partially dreading the end of football season)!! 

Thanks for hanging around through my dry spells! Until the next time I remember to get around to blogging…

And as always – ROLL TIDE! 

Cheers, mommas! 



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