Birthday Monster!

So, I survived my child’s first year of life, GO ME! However, that was the easy part compared to the actually first birthday and its ensuing aftermath!

As many parents do, I started planning Nugget’s birthday months in advance. I knew I wanted a Pete’s Dragon theme (for his namesake) ages ago! Well, since the original film was made in the 70’s and the remake came out only a short month ago, dragon memorabilia is hard to come by, but I digress…we made it work with some green and pink streamers and movie decorations. 

However, at the last minute we decided to join my parents and my niece on a cruise for everyone’s birthdays! Unfortunately my husband was not able to make it so my best friend eagerly stepped in. 

So we headed to Mexico just 5 days before Nugget’s birthday and 8 days before his party! 

Before he was even 1, Nugget had become a world traveler! Our 5 day vacation took us to Progresso and Cozumel, Mexico via New Orleans, Louisiana and Carnival Cruises! Needless to say, he was the hit of the party!

We arrived home on his actual birthday to a hot mess of a house! My husband and step dad had built a deck in my yard the weekend prior to us leaving so my husband had definitely done his part in cleaning that up while we were gone, but some ants had decided to make themselves at home in my kitchen! Friday morning we all tackled the cleaning. **Big shout out to my mom, pops, best friend, and my husband** Everyone picked a room and started cleaning! I bleached the entire kitchen to kill those ants! HAHAHA!  After a few hours, I’m pretty sure my house was cleaner than it’s ever been!

Then I headed to Hobby Lobby…kid free!!! It was a happy time! 😆 I proceeded to buy all things green and pink and dragon like. Saturday morning I hit up the grocery store for all the food. Then I went home and started decorating to make sure I had everything before Sunday! I was quite pleased with myself and some of my craftiness!

Sunday came and went in a blur! I would consider it a huge success judging by all the new toys I have to find room for! I did enjoy all the friends and love though. It means the world to me to know that so many people care for my child!

Then, everyone left and my house was left in hurricane mode! And because I hadn’t stopped going for the last week, it remained that way for a couple days – no shame! 

Over the next few days I managed to find my house under all the streamers and cake (there may or may not still be a birthday banner hanging up though)! During this time, Nugget got his 12 month immunizations and everyone in my household was hit by the sickness!

Nugget ran an extremely high fever for almost 3 days, sending me in to panic mode. My husband is coughing up a lung. I can’t sleep to save my life and my allergies are kicking my a$$! Don’t worry, things are finally on the upswing! My husband is actually off for the next two days, so there will be lots of wine and sleep!

If there’s one thing I can take from the last two weeks, it’s to let the little things go (It’s OK if the cupcakes don’t perfectly match the smash cake), AND don’t plan your entire life to happen in the same week. Elliott won’t even remember what has been one of the best/craziest/tiring times in my life, and it was TOTALLY worth it!

Maybe birthdays get easier as they get older…maybe not…one can dream!

Cheers, mommas!



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