I Noticed…

So I recently removed a post about inappropriate clothing at college tailgates. While I do not rescind my opinion, let’s word things a little differently.

Let’s start by saying that when you leave your house to attend a football game with 100,000+ people, you do not have any reasonable expectation of privacy! Do not get mad at me for commenting on your attire when you probably put multiple hours into getting ready for the shear purpose of… wait for it…being seen!

Now, that being said, wear what you want, I don’t care. I’m not here to dictate what people can and can’t wear. Just remember that some people have different opinions and may not like your clothes.

This past weekend I attended the Alabama/Western Kentucky game here in Tuscaloosa with my mom and a couple of my best friends. We finally got a mom’s day off together and were beyond excited! We have tailgated many times before and have been to even more games.

While approaching campus, we noticed many of the girls wearing extremely short rompers, very low cut dresses, and seriously high heels. Don’t get me wrong, I love high heels as much as anybody, but there’s a time and a place.

I noticed multiple girls who needed to hold the bottom of their dress down so they didn’t show anything while walking. I noticed many girls who’s breasts were just waiting on the chance to pop out. Simply put, I noticed…

I’m assuming that’s what you were going for though. You wanted people to notice you, just not in the way that I did.

My mother would not have approved of me wearing many outfits that I saw. If I had a daughter, chances are good that I wouldn’t want her wearing them either.  I certainly wouldn’t want my 7 year old niece seeing that and thinking it’s acceptable.  I also don’t want my son seeing it and thinking that’s how all women dress.

In my OPINION, it comes across as classless and shows low self respect. Hence, why I don’t wear them.

**As a response to my previous post, you have a right to think my opinion is lame, but I do still have the right to share it. My brother, and other veterans alike, fought for us all to have that right. However, I am not name calling, I am not pointing fingers, I am purely telling a story.  I also will not allow other people’s harsh words to shut me down.  I deleted my previous post for fear that my friends in the pictures may receive some of the backlash that I was getting and that is not fair to them.

I read another article today about a woman who attended the Alabama/USC game last week and had a similar experience; she was also immediately bashed. I feel for her. She’s not “wrong” because her opinion of those outfits was different than the young girls wearing them.

You’re not a terrible person because of your clothes and I’m not a terrible person for my opinion! I can respect difference of opinion, I can’t respect being rude for the sake of being right.

Cheers, mommas!



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