The Google Trap!

As is with any ailment, the first place we turn when deciding how to treat our issue is Google. Well, newsflash, if Google was the only way of diagnosing our health, we’d all have STDs and cancer! Your initial search will always come back with the most severe cases. 

Another downfall to the Internet, is that everyone seems to be a doctor! Everyday Joes can tell you exactly how to care for bumps and bruises, all while never attending medical school. Now I totally understand that sometimes home remedies do work, and in some cases, work the best, but things can get really mushy when a first time mom Googles remedies for severe diaper rash and the first link alone comes with coinciding opinions. 

Nugget has had a rough weekend. Luckily he was with his grandparents and his great grandmother, so the diaper rash didn’t really seem to bother him because his Greasy (great grandma) kept feeding him everything she had! But as mom, it’s slightly heart breaking to see your little one’s booty get so red and irritated to the point of bleeding. 

No, I’m not a medical professional either, just a mom sharing my personal stories about my real life experiences! Every kid is different and all remedies work differently, this is simply an explanation of what works best in our house. 

I always carry Boudreaux’s Butt Paste in my diaper bag. Elliott has only ever had a few small cases of diaper rash, a small dab of Butt Paste, and he was fine. Well, this weekend a good case of diarrhea led to some pretty severe diaper rash – so much so that it was bleeding. We kept on top of diaper changes and kept reapplying Butt Paste. Eventually I caved and called the doctor to see if the were other remedies for such severe cases. 

My call was eventually returned by a nurse (I.e. a medical professional). She suggested using either Lotrimin athlete’s foot cream or Monistat yeast infection cream (*SHOCKER* – they’re the same thing only marketed differently. If you ever need one, keep in mind that athlete’s foot cream is cheaper!) Then put petroleum jelly on top of the cream to keep the moisture out from the poop. 


We applied the Lotrimin to the affected area and covered it with Vaseline. A few hours later, his booty was bleeding again. I returned to using Butt Paste and it slowly cleared up. 

I have given it as gifts before, I always keep it on hand, but I never knew exactly what it was worth…GOLD! We have tried A&D Ointment, we have tried Aquaphor (both of which have worked on milder cases), but from this day forward, I will swear by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste!

You can pick you some up at your local pharmacy or grocery store. You can also head over to and pick up multiple sized containers!

I know mom world is a strange land run entirely on trial and error! So for other moms who have yet to encounter the ugly diaper rash monster, I suggest a supply of Butt Paste! However, please feel free to share your stories with me in the comments. 

I’ve only just begun my mom adventure, but I don’t like diaper rash!

Cheers mommas!



One thought on “The Google Trap!

  1. Wes had a pretty bad diaper rash when he was 5 or 6 months old and we had someone suggest coconut oil to us. I was at my wits end because nothing had worked for us up to that point.

    We went to the grocery store, picked some up and it worked wonders! I couldn’t believe it. And it smelled good to boot!!

    Can’t say it will work for everyone, but it sure worked for us!!

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