Baby Free Vacation! 

Remember when you were in college and spent months preparing for a wild, exciting beach vacation for a spring break filled with alcohol, sun shine, partying, and best friends? It was amazing, right? I remember those days…pre-hangovers! 

I was so ready for this week at the beach with my best friends, my husband, and WITHOUT my son. Don’t get me wrong, I love my nugget more than life itself, but I’m also quite fond of my sanity, which, at the time, was hanging on by a thread! Little did I know, adulthood had other things in store for my vacation! 

Oh, there was plenty of sunshine and beach time – I have the awkward tan lines from a first day sunburn to prove it! There was also wonderful friend time, and good food, and an impressive amount of alcohol for a group of (mostly) parents in their late 20s! (Or early 30s in a particular husband’s case 😉)

The first night there we took a super exciting nap around 6. Hahaha we eventually made it to the bar, even if we did leave shortly after 10…we stayed up hanging out for a couple hours at the condo! The second day saw a lot of beer and an admirable sunburn on my part! I swear I applied sunscreen 3 different times! More people arrived and we proceeded to play at the condo. Over the course of the next few days there was a shrimp boil, swimming, more beaching, another bar adventure (with a great band – if you’ve never done the Flora-Bama, it needs to be added to your bucket list ASAP!), and multiple trips down memory lane. 

However, by about day 4, there was something blatantly missing…the nugget! We were having an incredible vacation but I was missing my little something fierce! The hubs and I have actually decided to cut our anniversary trip short next month so that we can have some family vacation time too! 

I love my friends, and trust me, I NEED them in my life. But I can honestly say that is like a piece of me is missing without Elliott around! Sure, I can drink and play and do things with my friends, but one of my favorite parts is coming home to my chunky monkey! 

That kid can pretty much make anything better! He fell into his dad’s arms as soon as he walked in the door, my heart melted! 

So, essentially, I need my people for my sanity, but I need my kid for the craziness! Lol Now I need to start planning some family vacations with all my friends and their littles! We’ll just drink after bedtime! 

Cheers mommas, 



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