I Just Want To Sit Down.

So we’re on the move now!  No, not walking, but definitely causing his fair share of destruction! He wants to walk so bad he can’t stand it, I’d be happy if we could hold off for like one more day…mom’s tired!

My days now consist of a lot of “Where are you going?”, “Don’t put that in your mouth!”, and “Come back here!” I cannot keep my house clean enough to avoid all the dirt and random things being eaten.  Props to moms with multiple littles…no clue how you make it happen.

From roaming around the garage at the fire house to the toys all over my living room to dancing for the audience at the Mexican restaurant, my hands are full…he’s all boy!!

It truly does take a village to raise children.  Without my people I would lose my sanity.  I no longer get to go to the bathroom alone, laundry is an every day thing, and showering is almost nonexistent – HAHA!

I’m thankful that he’s definitely a happy baby – his smile is super contagious!  He also gives me a new perspective on life.  I no longer judge the moms with kids hanging off of them at the mall, or the parents who appear half awake while their kids are screaming in the restaurants.  I also ask that you don’t judge me as I go about my daily life in t-shirts that may or may not have bodily fluids on them while my hair sits haphazardly on the top of my head in what I lovingly refer to as my “mom bun.”  I probably haven’t brushed it in 3 days – it is what it is!

While I absolutely adore my Nugget, I am currently looking forward to my first kid-free vacation with some of my closest friends! We’re headed to the beach for a whole week and all I can think about is the possibility of sleeping through an entire night and being able to sit down for more than 2 minutes at a time! It truly is the little things in life!

On that note – the boss is now awake from nap time!

Cheers mommas,



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