A Week Without the Nugget

These last few weeks have been pretty crazy in my household.  I know I’ve been MIA, but with valid reasoning…

Last weekend started with a sick husband.  After arguing with me for a couple hours he finally gave in and let me take him to the hospital.  We thought it was a stomach bug, he’d get a shot and we could go home and get some sleep.  After about 4 hours in the emergency room, he was admitted to the hospital with severe stomach issues.  Luckily my parents were in town for the night and could watch the nugget man.  They met up with my mother in law the next morning and passed him off.  If there is ever a good time to get sick it’s a holiday weekend where no one has to work and we have extra hands to watch the little!  Unfortunately we were in the hospital for 3 days…

Nugget man was happy to stay with his Big Momma for the weekend though!


After arriving home late Sunday night, we decided to let him stay with her one more night so we could get some sleep.

He finally came home Monday afternoon and of course we were all smiles to see him! My parents passed back through town on their way home from their holiday weekend and helped out that night as my husband is still not quite up to par.  The following morning my mom offered to take him home with them for a few more days so we could relax and fully recoup.  After much deliberation we decided it was probably best.

However, many things ran through my head…was I a bad mom for sending my kid off again even though I was fully capable of caring for him? Was I being selfish to want the help because my husband was still sick?


It took some getting used to, but sending your child with his grandparents who will love him and care for him and play with him DOES NOT make you a bad mom! It keeps your sanity in tact, it leaves you well rested (with a slight hangover feeling from so much sleep – HAHA!).  It can make you a better mom…

I have lived off of pictures and text messages this week.  Pictures that show me that it is, in fact, perfectly ok for Nugget to be with his family.

He is not away from me because I am not capable, he is simply visiting his family.  He got to see most of his grandparents this week, and even his great grandmother.  We are coming up on a weekend where he will even get to see a couple of his great uncles.

While my house may feel a little empty and I may feel a little confused with some free time, Nugget is living it up with people that will let him get away with breaking things (Sorry about your bowl, Greasy!).  He is happy.

When I look at these pictures now, all I see is a kid with a loving family, and it makes my heart happy.  It makes me feel good to know that I can leave him with people when I need to and not worry about him!  These pictures also make me wonder where my baby went and where this little boy came from!!

As I am getting ready to go retrieve my Nugget, I am finally filled with a sense of calm.  A relief in knowing that when the husband and I take our first vacation this summer without him, that he is in perfectly capable hands and I will survive!

That being said, I miss that kid so much and I have to go see him now!!

Cheers mommas!



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