Spaghetti With Your Fingers

Hello mommas!

Story time!

When I was a kid I loved spaghetti (as a lot of kids do!).  I also loved to talk…a lot.  Well I was always in trouble at school for running my mouth and not paying attention.  I was that kid who had to have a notebook that the teacher signed everyday and sent home telling my parents how I behaved.  Knowing the notebook existed was not enough to calm me.  My mother had to set up a reward system to keep me in check (shocker, I know!).

I don’t remember much about all the rewards offered, but I do know a couple things – I could pick a prize out of a small basket if I got a good note one day, you know the ones, stickers, pencils, etc.  The rewards would increase daily if I chose to save up my consecutive good days.  The big prize was after two weeks! If I came home with good remarks from my teacher everyday for two weeks I got to choose between two options – going to Chuck E. Cheese or having the entire family eat spaghetti with their fingers for dinner.  Much to my mother’s chagrin, I always opted for spaghetti.  I believe we went to Chuck E. Cheese maybe once or twice.

My mother is a very clean person.  You could visibly see the discomfort grow as the meal went on.  She would eventually beg for a fork and napkin. HAHA

I do find it odd that eating spaghetti with my fingers was all it took to get me to behave, but now, being a mother myself, I totally understanding figuring out what works!

Well this story has followed me my entire life.  My husband was not too thrilled with the idea of eating spaghetti with his fingers, or allowing Nugget to do so.  Unfortunately for him, babies do as they please, and if he’s not fussing, I’m not going to argue.  So yesterday, Nugget got his first taste of spaghetti.


It took a minute to get the hang of it, but once he figured it out it was game over! You could hear him slurping those noodles like a champ!  And only a few spare noodles made their way to the floor for the dog!  My husband kept telling him to enjoy it because once he was able to use a fork he was no longer eating noodles with his fingers. I laughed…

So, during our meal, mostly for the benefit of my niece who seems to eat slower than anyone I have ever met in my entire life, we decided to have a spaghetti party – i.e., eat the spaghetti with our fingers!

My niece and I sat and ate the remainder of our food with our fingers just like Elliott! (Once again – if it works, don’t argue! She really is the slowest eater on the planet!)  My husband was anything but amused; which of course, amused me! HAHAHA 😀

Of course you can’t just wash your hands after you finish.  You have to find a way to share the happiness appropriately.  Like on your step dad’s face…


Notice the red spaghetti sauce on her fingers! (You’re welcome, bro!)  She had to tell him a “secret,” which of course he knew, but happily played along only to end up covered in sauce all over his face!

So in the end (as usual) I won! We thoroughly enjoyed our messy spaghetti and I’m already planning the next attack for my husband.  Maybe a spaghetti fight for E’s birthday??

What tricks help you with your littles?

Cheers mommas!



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