Magical outfit

Hello mommas!

The other day I posted a story about our busy week of learning to crawl, pulling up, and teething. Well I have a short addition to add today!

Last night my husband and my brother lowered Nugget’s crib mattress since he’s starting to pull himself up. It was perfect timing! My husband woke up first this morning and noticed in the baby monitor that Nugget had in fact, pulled himself to a standing position.


I went to get him up and change his diaper when I noticed a bunch of little brown pieces on his mouth. My husband inspected the crib only to find the little turd had been chewing on the railing! Hahaha

So needless to say we got him cleaned up and ready to go. Looks like I’m headed to the store today to look at crib bedding, or at least some padding for the rails so his beautiful crib doesn’t get completely destroyed!

ALSO!!! – For those of you following…anyone notice his outfit? It is indeed, the same outfit in all of his “firsts” pictures. Either Old Navy’s clothes have magical properties or my house is just a highly coincidental place! I can’t decide if I want him to wear this sleeper so he can learn new things or if I should buy new clothes so my little can stay little just a little longer and stop growing up so fast!

Hope you enjoyed my funny for the day!
Cheers mommas,


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