My Kid is How Old?

Holy freaking cow, where does time go??

I remember August (the last month of my pregnancy) being about 8265 weeks long.  However, I’m pretty sure the last 7 months have only been about 73 minutes long.  There’s no freaking way that we’re already cutting our third tooth while we are crawling and beginning to pull ourselves up on the furniture….STOP IT!


The first time he sat up on his own I wasn’t even paying attention. I walked in from the kitchen and he was just chilling watching TV like this was totally normal…I may have teared up a little.

However, that was nothing! This week alone we have gone from sitting to crawling and crawling to pulling up on the furniture – all while cutting our third tooth!

Thankfully our amber necklace came in today also (notice the above picture!)!! This round of teeth is FAAAAR less pleasant than the first two! The first two came in without me even noticing – I know, mom of the year!  I’ve been waiting on these teeth.  I was seriously hoping there were more coming in; it gave me a reason as to why my Nugget has been a major A-Hole lately!

Any who…My little is steady growing and on the move! I couldn’t be prouder or more excited to be experiencing all of these moments with him.  (While I am totally biased) He is the most adorable Nugget I have ever known and TOTALLY the best thing I have ever made!  I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that things ease up in the next few days so we can all get some sleep – but I will never wish the time away!

7 months

While I am thoroughly enjoying every minute I have with my Nugget, I seriously wonder where they are all going!  When you look forward time takes forever, but when you look back, it is one big giant, beautiful blur!  Although it could just be blurry due to lack of sleep that comes with all these growing pains, who knows!?

Side note: I do change my child’s clothes. It wasn’t until posting all these pictures that I realized he was wearing the same thing in all of them! HAHA He mostly wears sleepers at home if we’re not doing anything and apparently is wearing this one every time we have a monumental day! Maybe green is his lucky color!

Cheers mommas,



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