So Many Tears!

Hello mommas!

As I write this I am listening to a screaming baby who has never fought sleep harder in his short little life than he has today! I’m fairly certain there has to be some new teeth on their way in. Boy did I just think the first two were bad…compared to the last couple of days, the first two teeth were a cake walk.

Assuming that teeth are our problem (and at this point that could just be a shot in the dark) I am at my wits end.  I have purchased every teething remedy known to man – unfortunately the amber teething necklace has yet to arrive.  And of course, as with everything else parent related, I could be as lost as last years Easter egg!  This guessing game is super trying.

I had all intentions of getting online today to brag about Nugget’s milestones (I know you were looking forward to that!) – He is crawling and beginning to pull himself up!  However, I can no longer get past the crying….SO MUCH CRYING!  I know these days exist, but how are you suppose to get through them if you can’t relax because he’s crying and therefore he won’t stop crying because you won’t relax?!  Is there some trick I’m unaware of, mommas?? Please don’t be shy, share your tips and tricks!  This momma sure could use them!

I thought there was hope given the fact that he not only slept through most of the night, but also had a 2 hour nap this morning.  Things were beginning to look like they were getting back to normal. I’ve even discovered that he sleeps better (and longer) with a blanket. However, ever since he woke up from his nap he has been a pill!  I have attempted the teething tablets and some gripe water in hopes that it eases the pain.  If it is something other than teeth, then I am sitting with my fingers crossed that I can figure it out soon – for all our sake!

7 months

On a lighter note…Nugget is 7 months old today!  Crawling like a champ, eating like a champ, and NOT sleeping…like a champ!

*Post edit: After posting this, I went to check on the Nugget – right as he FINALLY fell asleep! There is hope for my day yet, even though my husband works a little late today so I know this battle is far from over, but I consider this a small victory for the day!

Cheers mommas,



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