That New Baby Smell

Hey mommas!
I know it’s been a while, got a lot going on lately it seems!
Any who…this post is a special one! A special post for a new special lady in the world – two of my very best friends welcomed their first child, Anna James, into the world this past Saturday!


Pretty much anyone can tell you how amazing babies are, but this little wonder holds a special place in my heart! There are few people in this world more suited for parenthood than her parents, Natalie and Jacob! Jacob has the never ending curiosity of a child and Natalie is the most selfless, giving and loving friend anyone could have! Anyone who knows them can tell you how lucky Anna is!


Although I may say an occasional prayer for her having to put up with her crazy daddy! Of course we all have to learn how to parent in our own ways, but this weekend he was kind of a bull in a China shop (which is the norm). Hahaha And some days he’s the only one who thinks he’s funny…


Oh well, now him and Jeffrey can sit around comparing dad jokes and Natalie and I will continue to laugh at them while attempting to raise semi-normal tiny humans!
I am so thankful to them both (and their wonderful families) for letting me be a part of their weekend and this important time! I am so in love with your little!
So tonight I toast to you, Natalie and Jacob! I love you guys so much and can’t wait for you to experience all the adventures ahead!

Now I just have to get my ovaries in check. . . .

Cheers mommas,


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