Cold chicken

Hello moms!
Just a quick rant – as nap time is a rare gem these days!
I have quickly come to learn that if parenthood can be summed up into a few words it is “cold chicken and baby giggles!”
Today is one of those days (which come more often than not with baby) where simply surviving is considered a step in the right direction. I’m beyond tired, almost too tired to even sleep. More body parts ache than don’t. And the motivation to bathe dwindles more and more with each passing day! Thus, the cold chicken I consumed for lunch! (Which was oddly satisfying…)
I fed nugget man his usual lunch – some form of pasty, pureed, off colored meal which seems much more appealing to him than to me. Then I found some left over cold BBQ chicken in the fridge that looked great since I knew I could eat it as is and avoid putting effort into even starting the microwave! All in all, a day where we just go through the motions.
Then it happens…through my zombie like motions and his face full of mush…he giggles!


It is in those giggles that I hear “it’s ok, mom. We’ll get through today, just like always!” It is in those giggles that I find solace in knowing that sometimes not being perfect is, in fact, perfectly ok.
Lucky for me Elliott doesn’t have a perfect mother, so therefore he doesn’t know any better as he laughs with me as we bumble through our days.


So to all the other moms out there simply going through the motions, it’s ok! You’re kids don’t know what you’re suppose to be doing anymore than you do! I say fake it! Razzle dazzle them for a moment (they have the attention spans of gnats – it’s not hard). I’m just going to make it look like I know what I’m doing. After all, he’s fed, healthy, beyond loved and alive…I can’t be too awful at mom-ing!


Even though the food may be cold, the love in my house is warm and cozy! So today, in my books, is a raging success!
Don’t be ashamed if you’re not ‘mom-of-the-year’, in my opinion, anyone who thinks she is, is full of shit! There’s no manual, there’s no rules, there is no single answer. Love and happiness  (and good wine) will get you through any day! So you do you, momma – yoga pants and messy bun approved!

Edit: I want to give a shout out to my husband! Mere minutes after posting this we have this exchange via text…

He is now bringing home pizza and wine when he gets off work! It is because of this man that Elliott and I make it through our days! Much love and thanks for all your support, Jeffrey! 💙💙

Cheers mommas,


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