Teething = no sleep!

Hello mommas!

So we have arrived at the dreaded teething stage….

Nugget man got his first two teeth about 3 or 4 weeks ago.  The bottom two front teeth came in about 2 days apart with very little problems.  I didn’t even know he was teething until it bit down on my finger while we were walking through Target one morning.  Needless to say, a few expletives came out of my mouth (because let’s be honest, those little bitches are SHARP!), I got some funny looks from the lady behind me, and I proceeded to the baby aisle to buy any and everything I could find for teething babies!  Other than waking a few more times through out the night, little man took it like a champ!

Now I know little ones enjoy putting things in their mouths, but these days that seems to be the only relief Nugget can get.

I know I’ve said it before, but EVERYTHING goes in his mouth!!  Obviously I don’t remember teething, but apparently chewing on things helps.  Not that I mind, we have numerous teething toys, a teething bib (which is new to me), teething tablets, really anything that belongs to Nugget is currently for teething – and some things that don’t belong to him (note the above pictures! HAHA).

Yesterday was no exception to the teething nightmares! Nap time was a well fought battle that my husband and I ended up losing! After an hour of trading off, we tried a bottle, water, etc.  Nothing was working – as soon as Nugget would fall asleep and we tried to put him in his crib he would lose his shit!!  Finally I just gave in.  We decided to play until he just couldn’t take anymore.  Well, little man is quite a fighter – play time lasted for 2 hours.  Eventually we were able to get a little bit of a nap time.

However, that didn’t seem to make a difference come bed time.  He was fighting sleep quite early for him.  He was out by 7:15.  Unfortunately, this didn’t last long.  Around 10:30 round 2 of our battle began.  I attempted to put him back to sleep – no luck.  My husband attempted to put him back to sleep – no luck.  I brought out the teething tablets and the Tylenol; after meds and a bottle (and another hour of pushing our buttons) round 2 victory went to the parents! Until 5 am.  I was lucky then, it only took about 30 minutes!

Around 8:00 this morning the screaming began again! I was still tired so I attempted the lazy way out and just put him in bed with me.  He was probably laughing at me while he plotted his ginormous hissy fit this morning!  Let’s just say round 4 goes to Nugget Man – by a landslide!

I know I’m in for a long road and that the teething is not just temporary.  However, I’m running out of tricks! Over the last month I have tried everything I can think of – tablets, Tylenol, teethers, even whiskey!  I’m looking for some relief (and a little sleep wouldn’t hurt)!

What helped other mommas with their littles teething??  Feel free to let me know in the comments, ladies (and dads)!  Until I can figure something out I may just stock up on the whiskey! 😉  (Don’t freak out – it’s mostly for me!)

Cheers, mommas!



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