Our First Family Vacation

Hello mommas!
Hope all is well!
Recently we got to experience our first family vacation! I use the term vacation loosely since it had to fall on my husband’s scheduled off days from work, but I’ll take what I can get! We are very lucky that we have a little home away from home that we are able to do little weekend trips like this here and there! Anyways, it was a much needed time and it was so much fun to watch little man experience new things!


After a few hours in the car (which is perfect for him sleeping), it took all the patience in the world to get Nugget to bed the first night! I eventually gave up and just sat down to watch some tv. As soon as I sat down he passed out! My husband finally arrived shortly before midnight and we weren’t far behind the little one. My luck didn’t change, Nugget Man had started teething, was running a low fever, and didn’t want to sleep in the condo! We were up every 3 hours every night! After a load of coffee, we once again were beat by the little one and decided to get up.
The day was a little rainy and quite chilly so it wasn’t necessarily a beach day, but we had to find something to get into. So we took our kid to his first bar! Hahaha don’t worry, it’s family friendly during the day, and if I do say so myself, should be on everyone’s bucket list. The Flora-Bama is notorious for its drinks, live music, and good times! My husband and I were lucky (or not so lucky, due to the tropical storm) enough to get hitched at this local jaunt – a party not soon to be forgotten!
Any who, I hadn’t had oysters in over a year due to being pregnant, so we headed to the Flora-Bama for lunch.


This was the best picture we could manage. Nugget Man was much more concerned with the noises coming from within the bar (the old people get intense with their bingo)! Elliott didn’t last long due to the teething so we soon headed back to the condo for nap time.  That night was much like the first, long and tiresome! Somewhere around 5 am I plopped him in the middle of the bed while Jeff got him a bottle. Apparently this is where he wanted to be…


They both snored peacefully beside me (and in my rib cage) for the next 3 hours! HAHAHA
The next morning we headed to our all time favorite breakfast spot! I can’t tell you where it is cause the locals would probably kill me, but if you happen to find it, you better stop in! 



And yet again, if you can believe it, Elliott stole the show. He was still a little fussy from his new teeth and the servers did everything they could to help – they brought crackers, carrots, rolls, and even toys. Eventually they decided he just needed them to carry him around. They traded him off as they made drinks, took orders and delivered food – as if they did this with a baby on their hip everyday!
After breakfast it was a little warmer so we headed for the water. We had spent plenty of money on baby beach crap, we were determined to use it!



After about an hour Nugget man decided the water was too cold and sand doesn’t taste good, so we headed in. We also attempted the pool but it was still freezing as well! We opted for a movie and pizza from our favorite, deeply missed, pizza joint!
The next day, after lunch at our last go-to spot, Jeffrey had to leave us to head back to work. The Nugget and I stayed behind a few more days to relax with my parents, who showed up later.
Elliott still isn’t sure about the beach, but the hubs and I are grateful for the time we had! I am determined to make the most memories possible and family vacations are a must! The beach was the perfect first trip for my little guy and we’re already planning another one!
Take the time to love your family!
Cheers, mommas!


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