You have a baby…in a bar!

Let me start my saying that I hope you all enjoyed your St. Patrick’s day! I know I did ūüėČ

As in true fashion, my brother and I were up at the crack of dawn getting ready to head to the bar. Granted he is a firefighter so he really just left work to come and get me and Nugget. ¬†Unfortunately my husband had to work yesterday morning and couldn’t join us until later. ¬†There is only one Irish pub in town, but they did not disappoint! Kegs-n-eggs started promptly at 7:00! Don’t worry, we got there about 8:30 – we’re not complete alcoholics! ¬†Elliott enjoyed¬†his first¬†green scrambled eggs while me and my brother chowed down on some biscuits and gravy, sausage and bacon – and, of course, some green beer! (All surprisingly fresh for bar food!)


It wasn’t long before Nugget became the hit of the party! A table of three older ladies sat next to us – obviously grandmothers. ¬†Elliott smiled and made his way into their conversation as he always does! ¬†Then proceeded to take a nap in the middle of all the craziness! HAHA my kid can sleep anywhere!


During his nap, another group sat at the table on the other side of us. ¬†They were all nurses who had obviously just gotten off work. ¬†I’m not sure there is anything a nurse loves more than an adorable baby…Elliott was happily passed around for the next few hours!

He also did not go unnoticed by the Tuscaloosa News lady! (image courtesy of


Anyways, after a delicious breakfast (and lunch because we stayed too long), maybe one too many green beers, and a slight sunburn, Nugget man fell back asleep and we decided to head out! Needless to say, I was in bed before 9! HAHA Nugget man successfully slept all night after his long day, too!! It’s the small victories in mommy world!

Cheers mommas,



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