So he’s my kid…

I have spent the last 5 and a half months hearing about how Nugget looks just like his daddy or acts just like his daddy or does ANYTHING just like his daddy! Some days you wonder if anyone realizes mom was there too! HAHA!

Then…throw in real food…

It’s no secret I love food.  In my family I am the “fat kid.”  There is nothing I won’t eat, and I will eat till it’s gone.  When we travel my husband and I will find the local hangouts and eat something new! My favorite thing to do on vacation is eat – it truly is a wonder I don’t weigh 500 pounds!  Well recently we introduced Elliott to food (other than bottles!).

I was thoroughly relieved to finally be rid of breastfeeding.  I know it was only 5 short months and I’m sure some mom somewhere will bash on me for quitting so soon, but they can shove it! While I was glad to enjoy the bonding experience with Nugget as a newborn, I’m over it. I was so tired of pumping and breast feeding and breast feeding and pumping; it felt as if my boob was literally always attached to something! The transition to formula went fairly smooth.  We did have to find the right ratio of formula to water and figure out which bottles worked best, but after only 4 sessions of projectile vomiting (and a crap load of laundry) we seemed to have a good match!  However, I think the chunky monkey was more excited about real food!  Of course there is the fact that he started snatching bottles out of my hands cause I apparently wasn’t moving quick enough.


The doctor had told me that once he starts watching you eat, you can start introducing other foods to him; that he was interested enough to figure it out on his own.  Well he’s been paying attention forever!  No problem with spoons, whatsoever!!  It started with a bite here and there; some of my bread at dinner, some sweet potatoes at the restaurant, some frozen yogurt in an attempt to ease some teething pain.  We finally started getting some baby food pouches at the grocery store and now it’s like you can’t feed him fast enough! (He grabs your hands to let you know you’re moving too slow.)

Although the doctor did inform me at his 4 month checkup that anything more than breast milk and/or formula was still  not necessary until 6 months, I’m pretty sure the Nugget has his own plans.  He took to food like a fish to water…just like his momma! 😉 I can’t really argue with him though, you don’t grow to be almost 20 pounds at 4 months without knowing how to eat!  Getting out and about does seem to require a little more forethought now though…he can’t do anything until he eats! HAHAHA!


It’s also quite fun to see the faces he makes when he gets to try something new.  Every spoonful of food always get the same initial first look of confusion, then turns to either content or disgust. Of course, so far we have only turned down carrots – and I may need to just plant some banana trees and sweet potatoes in my yard, it would be cheaper!  Anyways, there’s no denying him these days – we just sit and pig out together!  Now if we could just get back to the days of sleeping through the night without needing to eat every 3 hours…

Cheers mommas!



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