My life is a circus!

Not much beats family. Sharing life with family and watching your little go through all his “first” moments is one of my favorite things about being mom! I think we’ve crammed more family and first moments in the last 5 months than I can ever remember…and it’s amazing!
In my household, football rules all in the fall. New years is no exception! We all pile in someone’s house every weekend to watch all the football we can handle. New years just gives us even more excuse to party, and of course watch the Nugget Man enjoy his first football/holiday season! Even if we only see midnight because we were still up watching football, haha! Not to mention, sometimes it’s just nice to have extra hands on deck when Nugget decides he doesn’t want to cooperate all night.


I’m also one of those parents who has some of the best friends in the world so my kid, who only biologically has one aunt and uncle, has more “aunts” and “uncles” than any one kid could possibly need! Which just means all the love! ♡ What I love most is that we all love everyone’s littles as if they were our own!


And of course, birthdays are just the best when you share them with littles!


Then, on our lists of firsts, we attempt the circus…hahahahaha!


Nugget started off sleeping, then everyone started clapping and we lost our shit! He couldn’t decide if the bright lights were worth the noise. I strapped him in the carrier and had to stand in the stairwell for the first half of the circus…close enough to see the lights but far enough that he would not spaz when the crowd applauded. Luckily my husband relieved me for the second half. Which apparently was just the ticket!


He crashed before the whole thing ended and the walk back to the car was quite peaceful! Haha Of course, it was all worth it (it always is!).
It was quite a busy start to our new year, but we have to occupy our time somehow now that football season had come to an end 😉
Cheers mommas!


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