Nap Time

Hello moms!

Nugget is down for a quick nap so I figured I would start sharing!

A slow start to a long day began when my mother called me (as she had done every morning for about the entire last month of my pregnancy) to ask if I wanted to go see a movie.  She was on a kick to help keep my mind and body occupied until the little one made his grand debut.  In all honesty, she probably kept me sane in doing so.  Anyway, as we had many days before, we decided to get out of the house to help time pass quicker.  At this point, my doctor has already scheduled my induction for Thursday, September 24th.  My husband and I had made all our plans for him to be off work; I had already left work due to discomfort.  Our bags were packed and ready to go.  We had already resigned ourselves to being induced and I had pretty much given up hope on Nugget arriving on his own (he showed absolutely no signs of budging!).

After the movie, which I oddly can not even recall now, we headed to the historic art district of the next town over to check out some little shops and boutiques that we were interested in.  After walking main street, and what seemed like 743 miles to my 17 month pregnant ass, we decided to grab a scooby snack at a local restaurant.  The air conditioning felt like a dream!  We ordered some waters and some Greek nachos.  As we sat talking, I got quite the strange feeling.  At 3:15 pm, it literally felt like someone had punched my lady bits from the inside!! I laughed as I told my mom how strange baby movements were.  She slowly asked if my water had broken…not having ever experienced this before, I was clueless!  I knew that I had to pee but as I stood to excuse myself I became quite certain that it was game time!

I rushed to the bathroom as my mother yelled across the restaurant to cancel our orders and informed the entire staff of my situation (thanks, mom!).  The next few minutes were quite a blur as I tried to gather myself.  The only thing I remember before rushing to the car was a man who apparently couldn’t read entering the women’s room and my mother proudly proclaiming “come on in, we’ll have a party!”  If you knew my mother, you would understand – she’s a weird lady!

After getting in the car, I called the doctor, we were only about 5 minutes from her office.  She agreed that my water had probably broken but, given our location, she told me to come to the office first.  I called my husband at work to inform  him that Nugget had his own plans and we were in motion! I remember how calm the doctor was while she checked everything out and slowly chatted with my mom about God knows what! (She’s a talker!) All I could think was that we had more important and slightly urgent things going on and she just wanted to chit chat! I had to keep reminding myself that this was not her first rodeo.

I only waited at the hospital for about 5 minutes before being directed to my room.  My husband came through the door about 10 minutes after that.  I’m pretty sure he broke land speed records to get to the hospital from work an hour away. After him and I mother called all the appropriate people, the flood of anticipated visitors began. You don’t quite realize how many friends and family you have until moments like these.  I will also give credit to Northport Women’s center – y’all know how to pack a room full of people!  After only a few hours, it was time!  My epidural had kicked in fully and I felt fine. HAHA.  I recall the nurse telling me to “hold on” at one point and all I could think was that I couldn’t even feel anything, how on earth was I supposed to control it! About 15 minutes later, at 9:27 pm, we had a Nugget! And – as they say – everything else faded away.  The last nine months seemed like a blip in time.  The last few hours almost never existed.  I was in my own little perfect bubble with my son and my husband.

After the mad rush of visitors and love, I pretty much crashed! I had allowed the nursing staff to take Elliott to the nursery so I could at least get a few minutes of sleep.  The next two days were filled with visitors, nurses, doctors, even a photographer (there was not, however, any more sleep).

We loaded up all of our stuff (we seemed to have exploded in the hospital room) and headed for the car.  As we sat in front of the entrance and watched the nurse walk back inside, we had to fight the urge to run back in crying and asking why they were giving us responsibility of this precious, beautiful, BREAKABLE child!

We arrived home to clean house and a warm meal – thanks (again) mom! We slowly unpacked as I had to learn to maneuver after I had passed a 8 pound 14 ounce bowling ball through my body.  Luckily the mass invasion of visitors at home would wait one more day.  My husband and I were in for a long, loooonngg night of learning how to family…

Right after I threw a hissy fit and cried some huge crocodile tears over the fact that my husband had left my shampoo at the hospital and I did not want to use his!

Cheers, mommas!





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